The Real Life of an Artist

You should never show your enemies your weaknesses. While I cannot be sure that none of my arch-nemisii read this blog, I post this anyway, since perhaps these moments are something we all share.

You know, you show up at the gallery all nice looking, freshly showered and perfumed, your piece looks great, everyone is toasting you. You are getting drunk on cheap wine, but you are still coherent. Your lipstick stays on, your stockings stay up, your art looks as good as you do – life is sweet.

If only they could have seen you cursing at the camera while you were shooting the work that now gleams in some sterile corner of the gallery.

I have to hand in a paper tomorrow reflecting on my “processus de création”, and I’m not sure that I will mention that my process involves late nights, scotch, props improvised from pantyhose, and cursing like a sailor.

PS. If the sound is not on, the movie will make no sense.

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