No-holds-barred, indeed

The new laureates of the Governor General’s awards have been announced. It’s nice to see that the GGs do not always go to nice, safe, Canadian artists who make nice, safe paintings of landscapes or sculptures than compliment your living room’s décor.

The headline news is that one of this year’s winners is Istvan Kantor, Monty Cantsin, Amen! Istvan’s an artist not afraid to get his hands dirty, whether he’s smearing his blood in the MOMA or humping a filing cabinet.

For those who are suspicious and/or bored of body-body performance art, let me assure you that Istvan’s vitality and passion can win over even the most hardened skeptics. His PleasureDome retrospective left me energized, inspired, and thanking my stars I had seen him perform some brilliant works that he said he may never perform again.

Plus, the man has style. (and a sixpack!)

Congratulations Istvan!