As a practising artist for two decades, I have worked in photography, video, performance, and more recently in creating 3D printed objects and digital ephemera. Central to my practice is an analysis of systems and technologies, and examining the potential of new forms of transmitting images and sound. My video work is distributed by Vtape.

Selected works:

Did Andy Like Anchovies? Conceptual exploration of the pizzas in the Andy Warhol Archive and 3D printing.

Lecture-Machine – Performative lectures with voice recognition software and the Stenomask, an antiquated voice silencing device.

Stereotactic – Experimentation with wearable screens and physical video mixing. Collaboration with Michelle Teran.

Meta-Parade – An investigation of public spectacles. Two performances: Pride Parade Toronto and the Grey Cup football parade in Regina.

Immaterial – Single channel video work exploring the compression of 2D and 3D space.

Transmedia 2000/2002 – Single channel video work produced for broadcast on urban screens.

trace 1.1 – A desktop video-performance using Signwave Auto-Illustrator and generative music.