Screenshot from the Crypto Purse presentation, by lizvlx and Michelle Kasprzak


Co-authored a zine: Artistic Process Futures and AI, with researchers at Tilburg University.

Contributed a zine “Curating-with: Artistic Tools and Methods” (based on my doctoral work) to DIY Methods, a mostly screen-free, zine-full, remote-participation conference on experimental methods for research and research exchange.

Co-authored “Articulating (Uncertain) AI Futures of Artistic Practice: A Speculative Design and Manifesto Sprint Approach” for the Creativity & Cognition 15th annual conference.

My essay “Ethical Engagement with NFTs — Impossibility or Viable Aspiration?” included in the book From Commons to NFTs, an anthology of seven essays edited by Felix Stalder and Janez Fakin JanÅ¡a, published on Aksioma Press.

Presented The Crypto Purse, a collaboration with lizvlx, at STRP Festival in “Decentralized Collaborative Futures“, April 14, 2023.