I have been publishing in various media and capacities for as long as I have been writing. Over the past few years, I have been drawn to the possibilities of e-publishing and you can download eBooks I have authored or edited through the links below.

Workshop Outputs/Book Sprints:
These eBooks are the result of workshop settings or “book sprints”, intense pressure cooker environments for producing new texts.

From the Periphery — an interactive publication created using Twine. The publication examines ideas of centers and peripheries, suggesting approaches to re-invigorate the so-called edges. The publication was created at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Funchal, Portugal over the course of 3 days in October 2017. View it online.

Responsible Technological Innovation — collection of haiku created over the course of a 2 day workshop with the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan, June 2014. Co-developed with Andrew Maynard. PDF | EPUB

New Aesthetic, New Anxieties — product of a book sprint I organized and hosted, facilitated by Adam Hyde. Several authors worked over 4 days on the question of what the “new aesthetic” is. Featuring Rachel O’Reilly, Michel van Dartel, David M. Berry, Michael Dieter, and others: PDF | EPUB |

Exhibition catalogues:
No Limit — exhibition e-catalogue for a show I curated of new work by UBERMORGEN at the Kasseler Kunstverein, September 2015. PDF

Blowup Readers:
Under the aegis of my position as Curator at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (2011-2015) I created the organization’s first electronic publications and created the Blowup Readers to complement my series of events and exhibitions entitled Blowup. With this group of eBooks I introduced a strategy of mixing old and new content, actively seeking texts to re-publish or resurrect from archives, as well as commissioning new pieces and writing and conducting interviews myself.

Wild Things: Making art for animals to enjoy and appreciate. Featuring Amy Youngs, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Elio Caccavale: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Every Artist, A Journalist: Taking a critical look at the position of the artist and the documentarian, and the places where art and “real life” collide. Featuring Lino Hellings, Alfredo Cramerotti, Mark Nash, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

The Era of Objects: How to respond to the Internet of Things, blobjects, and other weird futures for our physical world through speculative design. Featuring Bruce Sterling, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Anab Jain, Julian Bleecker, and others: PDF

We Are All Crew: Celebrating the legacy of Marshall McLuhan in the year of the centenary of his birth. Featuring Derrick de Kerckhove, Arjen Mulder, Gary Wolf, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Show Me The Money: Exploring the relation between money, value, and culture. Featuring Diana Ragsdale, Hans Abbing, Christin Lahr, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Speculative Realities: Part reader, part exhibition catalogue, this reflection on the phenomena of OOO and Speculative Reality is conducted through interviews with Sven Lüttick­en, Rick Dolphijn, Jussi Parikka, and the commissioned artists in the exhibition: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Outer Space as Extreme Scenario: How has the exploration of outer space inspired and challenged artists, designers, thinkers, and the general public? Featuring Regina Peldszus and Alex Salam, Geert Lovink, Benedict Singleton, and others: PDF | EPUB

New Materials, New Methods: Speculating on extreme projects using new materials and unprecedented methods. Featuring Henry Hemming, Boukje Cnossen, Greg J. Smith, Karolina Sobecka, and others: PDF | EPUB