I have been publishing in various media and capacities for as long as I have been writing. Over the past few years, I have been drawn to the possibilities of e-publishing and you can download eBooks I have authored or edited through the links below.

Exhibition catalogues:
No Limit — exhibition e-catalogue for a show I curated of new work by UBERMORGEN at the Kasseler Kunstverein, September 2015. PDF

Workshop Outputs/Book Sprints:
These eBooks are the result of workshop settings or “book sprints”, intense pressure cooker environments for producing new texts. For more information on what a book sprint is, read more here.

Responsible Technological Innovation — collection of haiku created over the course of a 2 day workshop with the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan, June 2014. Co-developed with Andrew Maynard. PDF | EPUB

New Aesthetic, New Anxieties — product of a book sprint I organized and hosted, facilitated by Adam Hyde. Several authors worked over four days on the question of what the new aesthetic (as posited by James Bridle) is. Featuring Rachel O’Reilly, Michel van Dartel, David M. Berry, Michael Dieter, and others: PDF | EPUB |

Blowup Readers:
Under the aegis of my position as Curator at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (2011-2015) I created the organization’s first electronic publications and created the Blowup Readers to complement my series of events and exhibitions entitled Blowup. With this group of eBooks I introduced a strategy of mixing old and new content, actively seeking texts to re-publish or resurrect from archives, as well as commissioning new pieces and writing and conducting interviews myself.

Wild Things: Making art for animals to enjoy and appreciate. Featuring Amy Youngs, Wilfried Hou Je Bek, Elio Caccavale: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Every Artist, A Journalist: Taking a critical look at the position of the artist and the documentarian, and the places where art and “real life” collide. Featuring Lino Hellings, Alfredo Cramerotti, Mark Nash, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

The Era of Objects: How to respond to the Internet of Things, blobjects, and other weird futures for our physical world through speculative design. Featuring Bruce Sterling, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Anab Jain, Julian Bleecker, and others: PDF

We Are All Crew: Celebrating the legacy of Marshall McLuhan in the year of the centenary of his birth. Featuring Derrick de Kerckhove, Arjen Mulder, Gary Wolf, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Show Me The Money: Exploring the relation between money, value, and culture. Featuring Diana Ragsdale, Hans Abbing, Christin Lahr, and others: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Speculative Realities: Part reader, part exhibition catalogue, this reflection on the phenomena of OOO and Speculative Reality is conducted through interviews with Sven Lüttick­en, Rick Dolphijn, Jussi Parikka, and the commissioned artists in the exhibition: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Outer Space as Extreme Scenario: How has the exploration of outer space inspired and challenged artists, designers, thinkers, and the general public? Featuring Regina Peldszus and Alex Salam, Geert Lovink, Benedict Singleton, and others: PDF | EPUB

New Materials, New Methods: Speculating on extreme projects using new materials and unprecedented methods. Featuring Henry Hemming, Boukje Cnossen, Greg J. Smith, Karolina Sobecka, and others: PDF | EPUB