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Creating Spaces: Net Art in the “Real World”


A short while ago, I wrote a lead article for the latest issue of the electronic magazine of the Centre international d’art contemporain de MontrĂ©al (CIAC). CIAC was created in 1983 and since 1998, it has been producing the Biennale de MontrĂ©al.

In the article I wrote, Creating Spaces: Net Art in the “Real World”, I look back on Canadian net art history, filtered through the lens of projects that have strong links to occurrences and objects in the offline world. As I mention in the article, “These links between online and offline, net art and other forms, has proven to be one of net art’s most consistent strengths in recent history, underpinning the critical complexity of the works and adding to the durability of these works over time.” I discuss the work of Wayne Dunkley, Michelle Teran & Isabelle Jenniches, Willy Le Maitre & Eric Rosenzveig, and Risa Horowitz.

Image: AFK by Michelle Teran & Isabelle Jenniches