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2013 was…

2013 was the year I got serious about weightlifting, shot a gun for the first time, took my first private writing retreat, visited Poland, Greece, Spain and Denmark for the first time, saw Einstein on the Beach live, cried in a movie theatre not because of the movie, forgave myself, forgave others, made some new friends, reconnected with some old friends, started smoking again, switched to e-cigarettes, quit Facebook for good, started buying better wine, went to the Venice Biennale, tried to learn Dutch, went to Paris and didn’t go to a single art museum, tried to figure out what love is, ate many beautiful meals in many different cities, hosted a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner at my home, decided not to employ unpaid interns on my curating website anymore, took the very early morning train back home after a late night in Rotterdam a few times, started shooting real film again, started (sporadically) meditating, felt physical and emotional pain, felt joy, worked hard, and decided to make art again.