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Tomorrow I have the pleasure of launching the series I have been working on in my capacity as Curator at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam.

The name of the series, Blowup, was inspired not only by Antonioni’s film but by the notion that blowing an image up reveals detail; blowing an inflatable object up creates form; blowing something up explosively can be festive or threatening.

The first event in the series is entitled Wild Things, and is about art for animals to appreciate, inhabit, or interact with. Three incredible speakers: Amy Youngs (US), Wilfried Hou Je Bek (NL), and Elio Caccavale (IT/UK), plus one cat: Barbie (NL), will be presenting over the course of the evening.

If you are anywhere in the Benelux region, you should rush to V2_ tomorrow night (July 7) and get there by 8 PM to enjoy the evening. For most readers, you are far enough away that I cordially invite you to tune in via webstream. V2_’s streams are really excellent, I would almost dare to say it’s even better than being there, because we use multiple cameras and the camera operators are so good. You will miss out on the custom cocktail, the “Wild Zebra”, but you can attempt to replicate this at home by making a White Russian and trying to make chocolate stripes on the side of your glass. Ya, I know — tricky. Just make White Russians and visualise the stripes. You can even participate in the online chatter by Tweeting about the programme using the hashtag #v2_!

So if you are nearby, see you there; and if not, get comfy in front of your computer, and tune in to: tomorrow, July 7, at 8PM Central European Summer Time.

Also — every Blowup event will have an e-Book reader released with it. Keep an eye out, I will amend this post with the download URL for this, the first Blowup reader!

Art & Culture My Projects

This happened comes to Edinburgh

This happened, an interaction design event network, is coming to Edinburgh! This happened was founded in 2007 by Chris O’Shea, Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller. The network then expanded to Utrecht, and was nominated for an award in the Interactive category of Designs of the Year 2009, before we came on board. (Click that link — you can still vote for us!) This happened Edinburgh is organised and curated by Chris Hand, Martin Parker, Chris Speed (who are such lovely fellows!) and myself.

Our first event will be taking place on March 5 at the GRV, and features Jamie Allen, Henrik Ekeus, Zoe Irvine, Jon Rogers, and Yann Seznec. Unfortunately the event sold out very quickly, but if we have cancellations I’ll try to post an announcement here as soon as possible!