Blog purgatory

I know that there is simply no way I will ever complete all of the draft posts I have sitting in my blog database. It’s pure blog purgatory, where I toy with some of these posts once every few months, but they never reach a postable state. In fact, most of these drafts are just titles, with no body to them at all, or body text consisting of one line to remind me what the post should be about. This paucity of text combined with the passage of time (every day a small sip of the water of Lethe), makes the probability that these posts will ever be completed quite low. The titles of these unfinished posts confront me each time I open my blog software as a series of blazing headlines demanding attention. The last time I looked at them all, it occurred to me they might be worth sharing in and of themselves – and so, here they are:

  • Aggrandization of the oppositional
  • Smallweb Part Two
  • What’s in a name?
  • Dust
  • Hyperbole
  • Why this blog is not very interesting anymore
  • Supermodel taking a shit

Whew! There, I feel better, after sharing that with you.
Who knows – maybe someday, some of them will get written, now that I’ve outed how much is in the queue.