About Eva Schindling

Eva with the Banff New Media Institute’s 3D printer.

It’s a little cheeky for me to title this post “About Eva Schindling“, because there are so many things that I don’t know about her, which makes it difficult for me to even scratch the surface of what she is “about”. I decided to forge ahead with this post when I realised that being intrigued by her was a good enough reason to write something.

Some of Eva’s circuit visualisations.

What I do know about Eva I have picked up by rubbing shoulders over the past month here at the Banff New Media Institute within the Banff Centre for the Arts. I’ve discovered that she analyses, visualises, and builds a wide range of things, often with visually arresting results (examples above). She works with and thinks about patterns, fluid dynamics, 3D printing, circuit design, coding, emergence, and complex systems. Despite her obvious technical virtuosity, she avoids a common trap of those with that high level of technical skill, which is to only engage with the surface of an issue. Instead, her project references show that there are many layers of thinking that go into each of her experiments.

On top of the fact that she’s thinking about the intersections between some interesting and timely areas, she’s also very charming company. I only wish I could stay here in Banff another month so that I could get to know her better!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology. This is my contribution.

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Liminal Screen


The Banff Centre for the Arts in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada is world-renowned as a place where artists retreat to create and think. For over 70 years this very special place has been catalysing creativity and developing leaders in the arts — a track record few places in the world can lay claim to.

I’ve been invited to be a peer advisor for the upcoming Liminal Screen co-production residency at the Banff Centre, within the Banff New Media Institute. I wanted to post the opportunity here to entice ambitious artists from around the world who are engaged with screen-based practices to apply.

This residency will “…focus its inquiry on the transitions between screen and life, as the screen reinforces its central position as an ubiquitous communications portal, data visualization surface, and frame on an ever more meditated world. Practitioners from all walks of screen-based practice are encouraged to apply to the program. We are particularly interested in practice that extends its investigation of the screen out into other media or networks (biological, philosophical, social, and other systems) and explores the spaces and relationships between screen, mind, and hard reality.”

Scholarships and financial aid are available. Apply via the Banff Centre website, deadline September 25, 2009.