What is VJing?

The good folks at VJtheory.net are asking for personal contributions to a collective description of what VJing and/or realtime interaction is.

We would like to have a broader description of VJing and realtime interaction to add to the existing one. Rather than reifying a single definition we would prefer individual perspectives. So we are asking you to send us an e-mail back with your personal description of VJing or/and realtime interaction. This description can be a short paragraph or even a single sentence, an image (600X400, jpeg max) or a small video (send us the link to the video hosted on the Internet together with an image to link to from our website). We will put all contributions on VJTheory.net. Each contribution should be accompanied with your name, e-mail address and website.

My contribution is this:
The VJ enters the performance space bearing a database of moving images. The performance consists of the VJ responding to the sound and the ambiance of the space, summoning sequences from the database and blending them at will in ever-changing configurations.

Send your contributions to vjtheory at yahoo.co.uk, and if you would like, leave your responses to this question in the comments here, too. Keep track of the responses as they come in at the VJTheory website.

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