Essay in the Upgrade! International catalogue

Recently, the Upgrade! International network had their annual gathering. The first one was in New York, and the 2006 event was in Oklahoma City.

My initial taste of the vibrancy that is the Upgrade! network came with my presentation at Upgrade! Montréal. Subsequently, I acquired a deeper involvement as part of the team at New Media Scotland that brings you the Upgrade! Scotland on a monthly basis.

Part of the fruits of this annual gathering was a catalogue, documenting the projects that were presented at the event, as well as presenting the yearly achievements of each Upgrade! node. The catalogue also included a special series of essays on the theme of the annual gathering, which in this case was “DIY”.

The catalogue features essays by tobias c. van Veen, NOMAD, Adam Brown, Max Bruinsma, Ela Kagel,, Yael Kanarek, and me – with an essay entitled “Rewriting the Recipe”.

If you are interested, you can order a copy of the catalogue here for $15 USD.

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