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Speculative Realities — a new book

Download the latest publication in the Blowup series I curate at V2_ by clicking the image below:


About the eBook:
This eBook, the sixth in the se­ries of Blowup Read­ers re­leased by V2_, ex­plores the sig­nif­icance of the re­cent philosophic move­ments known as Ob­ject-Ori­ent­ed On­tol­ogy and Spec­ula­tive Re­al­ism for the vi­su­al and me­dia arts. The ebook was edited in connection to the Speculative Realities exhibition.

Two artists and one col­lab­ora­tive duo were com­mis­sioned to make new art­works re­flect­ing broad­ly on con­cepts with­in Object-Ori­ent­ed On­tol­ogy and Spec­ula­tive Re­al­ism. The artists were Tu­ur Van Balen & Re­vi­tal Co­hen, Cheryl Field, and Karoli­na Sobec­ka.

To sup­ple­ment the de­scrip­tions of the works and brief in­ter­views with the artists in this eBook, three new in­ter­views were com­mis­sioned. Sven Lüttick­en was in­ter­viewed by Rachel O’Reil­ly, Jus­si Parik­ka was in­ter­viewed by Michael Di­eter, and Rick Dol­phi­jn was in­ter­viewed by Michelle Kasprzak.

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Musée Imaginaire Concours: + KAPSUL

I’m really delighted to announce this exciting contest, which is a collaboration between my venture, leading online resource for curators, and KAPSUL, a platform and tool for curatorial work. KAPSUL allows you to collect and arrange images, text, and video into distinct units, as a way of organizing your thoughts and making your concepts more clear and coherent. With an embedded art-relevant search engine (compare your results to unvarnished Googling to see the difference), KAPSUL provides two key curatorial tools: a means to search for relevant things, and then a way to collect, organize, and share them (or keep them to yourself!). I’ve used KAPSUL myself on shows I’m working on to organize research and foster dialogue within curatorial teams.

In collaboration with KAPSUL, is launching the Musée Imaginaire concours. The contest invites you to develop your own ‘kapsul’ for online exhibition, and a chance at a $1000 USD prize. A jury of internationally recognized curators is eager to see who will best utilize the platform to create innovative curatorial propositions. Honorary mentions will be made for crowd favorites.

Read more about the contest here.
Deadline for submissions is January 29 2013, and participation in contest is free.
Good luck with your entry!

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My (new-ish) monthly column

I recently took on the role of Art & Tech European Correspondent for Akimbo, one of Canada’s most prominent sources for visual art information and reviews. I’ve written three columns so far and enjoy it very much. I encourage you to check out the whole site (if you don’t already).
Lately I’ve written about:
The evolving role of artists in industry, viewed through some historical notes on trends in the US and Canada as well as a recent exhibition at Raven Row in London UK.
The divide between the media art world and the contemporary art world, as a response to a provocative essay on the subject written by Claire Bishop.
The most interesting pieces at this year’s Ars Electronica festival.

Keep an eye on the Akimbo blog for more!

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Last chance to catch Seeking Silicon Valley

The Curators! Left to right: Curatorial Assistant Anne Babel, International Curator Gisela Domschke (Brazil), Lead Curator Jaime Austin, International Curator Michelle Kasprzak (Canada/Netherlands), International Curator Regina Moeller (Germany), International Curator Dooeun Choi (South Korea).

Seeking Silicon Valley, the exhibition for the ZERO1 Biennial that I co-curated with a group of curators from all corners of the globe, closes in just under a month. The exhibition “…proposes that contemporary art practice can re-imagine the idea, the place, and the experience of Silicon Valley. However, the ZERO1 Biennial is not only about the geographical region of Silicon Valley; it’s about investigating how the process of seeking can create a platform for creativity and experimentation centered in Silicon Valley while inviting contributions from around the world.” The exhibition features the work of 24 artists representing 11 different countries.

Images from left to right: The curators, ADA by Karina Smigla-Bobinski, International Space Orchestra performance directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun, Moving objects | nº 692 – 803 by Pe Lang, Falling objects | positioning systems by Pe Lang, Murmur Study by Christopher Baker, Baby Work by Shu Lea Cheang, FREE TEXT: The Open Source Reading Room by Stephanie Syjuco, Gambiological Armor by Gambiologia.

On til December 8th in downtown San Jose, California! Download the ZERO1 Biennial app here.