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I’m pleased to announce that an exhibition of new work by UBERMORGEN that I’ve curated opens this week at Kasseler Kunstverein.
The exhibition deals with psychopathy and narcissism, and links these conditions to our technological culture and capitalism.
For much more information, please visit

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The Dappermarkt is a terrific outdoor market in Amsterdam Oost. It hosts a diverse range of products: fresh fish, underpants, fabric by the metre, flipflops, flowers, blood sausage, cheese, batteries, watches, fruit, freshly cut french fries, and all manner of clothing.

I started taking quick snaps of some of the clothes, because there are some true gems. The type of clothing you’ll find in the Dappermarkt isn’t high end but it’s definitely eye-catching and fun. I contemplated taking a vow to shop only in the Dappermarkt for a year (or OK, maybe a season) for everything: clothes, food, etc. One really could live off the Dappermarkt, it’s true. But somehow I haven’t worked up the guts to try that yet. The food is definitely fabulous, fresh, and cheap. Most sundries are available too. The fashion could work for me, if I could convince myself to adopt a more conspicuous style. Check out my photos and definitely swing by Amsterdam Oost to check out this market!

I totally agree. #Paris #Amsterdam #dappermarkt #fashion #dappermarktfashion #streetstyle #stripes #stripeshirt

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#Dappermarkt #fashion #camo #text

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Dappermarkt camo iteration #3. Going a bit too far, IMHO.

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Dapperstraat fashion is the best! Want this T.

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Dappermarkt camo

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Recently I decided to make my first microloan on Kiva, to a single Mom in Kyrgyzstan who wanted to support her family by buying more calves for her farm.

It’s amazing to see the diversity of projects from all over the world that you can support — people adding latrines to their homes because there are no facilities; schools adding water filters so there is safe water for the pupils to drink; young entrepreneurs starting up businesses which will serve their communities; people starting organic farms; students trying to pay tuition fees or teachers buying supplies for the kindergartens they teach in.

If you were ever curious about being a lender in a microloan scheme, Kiva has a tried and true system, and as a member, people I refer will get a $25 credit of free lending money towards their first loan. (I get $25 to loan out too, if you join Kiva via my link.)

So there’s nothing to lose at all — the $25 is yours to invest and try out. Give Kiva a try by clicking this link.


The year of PANTONE 18-1438, Marsala.
The year of the Wood Goat.
The 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.
The bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo.
The International year of Light.
The International year of Soils.
The European year for Development.


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