You know what?

…this blog has largely become a dumping ground for me to promote the latest and greatest things I’m involved in, with very little insight or commentary.* I’ve been re-reading some of the old posts on this blog, and I have realised that I used to write rather lengthy and impassioned posts about a wide range of things that are interesting or relevant to me. Those essay-style posts are far more entertaining and valuable to me (and, I imagine, to readers as well) than the recent announcement-style posts. It’s too early for a new year’s resolution, but I just wanted to state for the record (and for the handful of readers that might have been with me all along) that I see how this blog has evolved, I’m not too satisfied with it, and will be trying to return to the original tone and range of content. Wish me luck.

* I think there may be a few notable exceptions, but the balance has definitely been tipping as of late.