I Like

As an exercise in comparing unusual likes with a collaborator of mine, I quickly drew up this list of things I like, trying to drift and not be too deliberately weird or cute or funny or anything, just myself. I genuinely like all the things on this list.

nice pens
Soviet space program ephemera
barely ripe bananas
the siren test at noon on the 1st Monday of every month across the Netherlands
slow cookers
white noise
sriracha sauce
other people’s business cards
fabric bags from art shows
things that are Finnish
airplane sick bags
unusual names
Epic Sax Guy
men who wear dress shirts all the time
perfume that works on either gender
curly hair
perfectly straight hair
making piles
coffee from a stovetop espresso maker
taking vitamins
using spreadsheets to measure personal progress
changing my mind
updating my CV
making lists
German opera
thinking about chess but not actually playing
that feeling when a fever breaks
that feeling the day after lifting heavy weights
the Dutch three kisses thing
riding the subway in cities I do not know well
keeping foreign money and subway tokens in case I go back
good earphones