Where is MK?

Here is a short, impersonal update of what I am up to besides writing on this blog. I have started and not finished several blog entries, not happy with the tone they were taking (either too personal or too distant). I haven’t been able to devote much time to rectifying the problem of not necessarily what to say but how to say it here on the blog. So instead, a little catch-up on what I’m actually doing, for those who are curious:

– finishing off some writing. An article on blogging for Broken Pencil, and article on Wi-Fi for Spacing.
– building some electronic bits and parts for my thesis director, Eric Raymond. His work is cool and he’ll be having the first show in Interaccess’ new space in Toronto this May. The piece, Scribe, takes the idea of drawing robots to a whole other level.
– Getting ready to give a talk about my work at Goldsmiths on April 25. I love London and can’t wait to be back.
– Finishing off my “Sonic Signatures” project. It’s site-specific audio that uses foley as a technique to distill the ambient sounds of Ile Sans Fil hotspots into short sound clips that are meant to represent the dominant features of the acoustic space in each.
– Thinking, thinking, thinking about my thesis project, Lecture-Machine. I recently received a grant from CIAM to help me finish the work. Now I can hire a C++ programmer to help me modify the Via Voice SDK.
– Oh yes, and thinking about my future. Yesterday, someone who has a 100% success rate of being able to see through my many behavioural facades remarked: “You sound confused, Michelle.” I was talking about my life after the Master’s degree, and I thought I sounded pretty sure-footed. Like always, he caught me and called it out: actually, the plan is not so much a plan as it is a splintered mass of possible directions. There are no obvious answers.

I promise, dear readers, that I will never subject you to a laundry list like this ever again. But for now, at least you know where I’m at since I’m not spending time thinking out loud here.