Just yesterday, I created my third del.icio.us account (a social bookmarking service) and wondered again if I should speculate aloud on my blog about what kind of split personality syndrome this indicated.

I maintain several del.icio.us personalities for what I imagine are very good reasons: I automatically post links from del.icio.us to this blog, so I needed to start filtering, or else clutter up my blog with silly posts that had a single, badly annotated link. So I created a junk del.icio.us, that is filled with most of my random discoveries, that I try to look at and filter occasionally, letting the cream rise to the top, the “top” being my main account, which is automatically published here. The only tag I use in this junk account is one that flags it to my main account. The third del.icio.us account I have just started for my other blog, curating.info, because I realised I might like to keep a set of links on the subject of contemporary art curating, and use the tags to be extremely focused in how I file them.

Chris Heathcote feels my pain! … and he describes the plight of people managing multiple identities around the inta’net in a way that I couldn’t have said better myself. He speaks of this utopia, that has this feature, “seamless user switching”… that I wish was closer to today than tomorrow. He also makes the very good point that these separate accounts are not just about work/life divides, but are about more subtle things, which is absolutely clear, at least to me. All I have to say to his post is – Amen! I need it to be easier to move between different scenarios with different needs. Until then it’s pain in the neck 2.0.