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I am currently stranded at the Belfast International Airport, which has about as much charm as a strip mall. £6 per hour for WiFi is just a fact of life floating over my head at the moment, but I am going to have a myocardial infarction when I get my Orange bill this month. I have also officially horrified my boyfriend by caving in and paying for WiFi at all. I am truly your prisoner, Belfast International Airport! I feel I have turned into someone else, someone that pays for what should be free!

Other than hanging out spending all kinds of money on some invisible commodity, and discovering the nuances of the shops, services, and decor at BFS, what else is new? Another one of my favourite stats posts is in order:

– Number of new haircuts: 1
– Number of new domain names purchased: 6 (see note 1)
– Number of blog posts in “Drafts” folder: 7
– Number of new email addresses: ~10 (see note 2)


2: I am exaggerating, I don’t really have 10 new email addresses, there are simply a bunch of new aliases where you can email me and my boyfriend at the same time, that look something like: douglas+michelle, mk+doug, doug+mk, mk+douglas, etc. etc. etc. @ a domain that will be revealed upon request.

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Keep trucking lady. Your artistic soul has led you to see above the illusion: The apparant charmlessness of Belfast airport is a mere chimerasociety. Wicked curatorial decision to suck it up and pay for wifi.

Wishing you best vibes and reminding you to pay attention to the sleazyjet screens. xo.

whewwwww – I am home!!!!

Edinburgh never looked so gorgeous. I nearly pulled a Pope John Paul 2 and kissed the warm Scottish soil. Nothing like a grey day + missed flight + dismal airport to make me grateful for home.

I did take some time to not only hemorrhage money in exchange for WiFi, I also did some relaxing and shopping, because the screen told me to.

Thanks Maya, for your words of support and for taking my early morning call. You’re da best.

So what’s this fabulous dual domain then?

Seriously, if you both have perfectly functional e-mail addresses, why amalgamate them? I’m pretty sure we have the mental acuity to put more than one address in the ‘To’ or ‘CC’ fields on our e-mail, no?

Good point, Robert. Actually we know our friends are smart enough to put more than one address in ‘To’ field – we are just being sickeningly cute. This is how nerds express togetherness…

MK – I think it’s super sweet, geeky love! One day I should have some for myself!

At the risk of taking things too literally, I don’t think paying for what should be free necessarily says something about the kind of person you are or were. A thirsty person has no option but to pay for water, if it cannot be got for free.

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